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Do You Seriously Think God Can't Use You!?

Let’s all just take a minute for a brief reality check. 


We often rant that society 'nowadays' is pulling us all downward.... That culture is slowly fading away our moral compass, our ability to see the truth through the lies... that we miss the good ol’ days when we had no need to worry about this and about that.

Hmmm… what we fail to remember is that human nature has never changed. That the enemy uses the same strategies to distract and destroy us today as he did yesterday.


Remember, Satan is not a creative being.


Do not let the fear of what you see around you distract you from the strength that you have within!

     God wants to use His redeeming grace through Jesus Christ to pour over our lives and see us flourish!

          God wants to see us all live out our potential…

               Because, when it really comes right down to it…

                    Do you seriously think God can’t use you!?

Do you seriously think God can use you?


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